Want To Restore That Painted Brick Fireplace?

Have you recently purchased and moved into a home that the previous owners painted the fireplace?  While that has a clean appearance when it is done, over time it becomes dirty, the paint begins to chip, and overall, the fire place just looks old, but not in a good way.

Painting over fireplace brick is a easy and fast way to brighten a room and make it look new again. But the next person that owns the home may not be a fan of painted brick. And while this isn’t going to be easy, it can be removed.

The first thing you’ll need is paint stripper and follow the instructions from the manufacture exactly. This stripper will be of a paste consistency, so you’ll also need a trowel. Ask a store associate if they have any recommendations, and if you’re shopping one the big box stores, you can check their DIY class schedule too.

Next, you’ll want to try a small place that isn’t visible. Let it sit for two days to make sure it doesn’t eat into the brick or mortar. Always wear rubber gloves, and eye protection. Paint stripper is toxic and can be dangerous. Keep small children and pets away as well.

After the stripper has dried, you’ll need to take a scraper and start scrapping! Cover all the flooring around the fire place as not to get any on it and move all the furniture away. Next, spray clear water over the brick and let it sit for 15 minutes, then use a scrub brush and clear water to go over the brick.

If there is still paint left behind, you can repeat the process again, waiting 2 days to let things settle and the house to air out. And if that still doesn’t get the paint off, call a professional mason to give you a quote.